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Docker image for Diladele Web Safety ICAP Filter

Today we are announcing a Docker image for Diladele Web Safety ICAP Filter. It enables easy deployment of network filtering solutions using Docker technology. This experimental version contains the following features: Squid is compiled with SSL Bump support including the … Continue reading

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Web Filtering HTTPS Traffic on Raspberry PI

Update (December 2015): The new and improved tutorial how to build HTTPS filtering Squid with Diladele Web Safety ICAP web filter is available from http://docs.diladele.com/administrator_guide_4_4/install/rpi/index.html This article will tell you how to compile and configure Squid proxy server running on … Continue reading

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How to Filter HTTPS with Squid and Diladele Web Safety

By default installation package of Diladele Web Safety (ddws) has HTTPS filtering disabled as performing decryption of HTTPS is a very controversial topic and hence not every installation needs it out of the box. But if you are the sole … Continue reading

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