Web Safety 5.0 as Hyper-V virtual appliance

We try to also have ready to run Hyper-V virtual appliance on our site – and this is the first step. Please see the latest 5.0 build at http://packages.diladele.com/websafety/

The vm was “exported” from Hyper-V manager running on Windows Server 2012 R2 (c64). If you have time – please see if the “import” of this appliance works in your Hyper-V based virtual infrastructure.

Report any errors/issues at support@diladele.com.

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Next 5.0 Build (SSL Server Test)

The https://www.diladele.com/download_next_version.html has new build of Web Safety 5.0.
We have added the SSL Server Test tool that allows admin to see the certificates that remote web site did not present upon HTTPS connections.

It is now easier to fix the X509_V_ERR_UNABLE_TO_GET_ISSUER_CERT_LOCALLY errors in Squid.

The FreeBSD 10 (pfSense) build is also working. Please test if you have time and interest.

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HTTPS filtering is a must for any network admin these days and if you implement HTTPS filtering using SSL Bumped Squid you have surely seen the famous (and not especially clear formulated) X509_V_ERR_UNABLE_TO_GET_ISSUER_CERT_LOCALLY error.

The main reason for this error is very simple – one (or some) certificates presented by the remote HTTPS site you are browsing are not present in the certificate store on the host your Squid proxy runs on. And because of that Squid cannot generate mimicked SSL certificate required to perform HTTPS filtering.

Continue reading at https://docs.diladele.com/faq/squid/fix_unable_to_get_issuer_cert_locally.html

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