Web Filtering Proxy for Microsoft Azure

This tutorial explains how easy it is to deploy an instance of Web Safety web filter in Microsoft Azure cloud. Deploying a proxy in Microsoft Azure allows you to quickly have a full featured web filtering solution in the cloud without investing much time and money into provisioning a real hardware server on-premises.

Web Safety for Microsoft Azure can be deployed from Azure Marketplace with several clicks using this link https://azuremarketplace.microsoft.com/en-us/marketplace/apps/diladele.websafety?tab=Overview.

Continue at https://docs.diladele.com/tutorials/proxy_in_microsoft_azure/intro.html


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Web Safety 6.2 is Released

Web Safety 6.2 web filter for Squid proxy (version 6.2.0.FD48) is now released. This version contains the following fixes and improvements:

  • Added new dynamic site categorization module. This module works on both requests and response. When categorizing requests URL, Referer and Host headers are scanned. When categorizing responses – textual contents of pages are scanned. Currently there are dynamic categorizers for Nudity Pornography, Adult Themes Sexuality, Drugs, Gambling, Games and Self-Harm categories.
  • Redesigned and reimplemented deep content inspection engine. The speed of content inspection is a little improved. Detection is now done faster. The amount of used RAM when performing adult language detection is greatly decreased (approx 10 times).
  • Builds for Raspberry PI are not produced any more, please use version 6.1 if you require running Web Safety on Raspberry PI.
  • Web Safety is now being published on Microsoft Azure Marketplace. See https://azuremarketplace.microsoft.com/en-us/marketplace/apps/diladele.websafety?tab=Overview for more information.

Pre-configured virtual appliance is available from https://www.diladele.com/virtual_appliance.html  (should be run in VMWare ESXi/vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V). GitHub repo with automation scripts we used to build this virtual appliance from stock Ubuntu 16 LTS image is at https://github.com/diladele/websafety-virtual-appliance .

Your questions/issues/bugs are welcome at support@diladele.com. Version 6.3 will include re-implemented Surfing Now page, YouTube categories/channels and video filter and CTIRU URL prevention list (provided by Home Office UK).

Thanks to all of you for making this possible!

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YouTube filtering module to block videos, categories and channels

We have added an experimental YouTube guard module in this new early build of Web Safety 6.3. This module allows administrator to limit the watched videos on YouTube by video category, channel ID and video ID. The module is implemented as Squid’s URL redirector hence it cannot work together with Google Safe Browsing URL redirector (added in 6.1).

Status of the module is experimental thus we need your feedback to decide it this module is worth including into production build.

Other changes

  • Completely redesigned and reimplemented the Surfing Now module. It is now easier to see what sites are browsed most and what sites are blocked most currently.
  • Added CTIRU list of prohibited URLs. Schools in the UK are required to block access to contents from the CTIRU list.

Download Virtual Appliance


Please share your thoughts and ideas on YouTube filtering module at support@diladele.com. Based on this it can be included into production build.

Best regards,
Diladele Dev Team

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