Blocking access to UNICODE domain name fishing sites

According to Hacker news story at a lot of browsers are vulnerable to the fishing attack in Unicode domain names.

As Squid mimics the subject name and alternative names of certificates when HTTPS filtering is enabled the Unicode domain name of a fishing site is mimicked too. To block access to such sites it is recommended to add the following URL regex blocking to Admin UI / Web Safety / Filtering Rules / Block by UR.


This is a temporary measure until browsers are fixed. It may result into over blocking especially in countries that use the Unicode encoded domain names (China?)

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The used as repository for Squid custom build with HTTPS filtering support will be taken down in 30 days. This repo is based on (obsolete) tutorial for Ubuntu 14 LTS –

It is not used in any of the supported versions of Web Safety as we now use Ubuntu 16 LTS in our virtual appliance, based on build tutorial and online repository

Everyone is encouraged to move to the current stable version of Web Safety 4.9. See

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Web Safety 5.0 as Hyper-V virtual appliance

We try to also have ready to run Hyper-V virtual appliance on our site – and this is the first step. Please see the latest 5.0 build at

The vm was “exported” from Hyper-V manager running on Windows Server 2012 R2 (c64). If you have time – please see if the “import” of this appliance works in your Hyper-V based virtual infrastructure.

Report any errors/issues at

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