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qlproxy 3.2 announced as Release Candidate

We have updated builds for CentOS / RedHat / Debian / Ubuntu and FreeBSD for qlproxy 3.2. It is now at Release Candidate stage. No more changes to the C++ core unless a very serious bug is found. There might … Continue reading

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ICAP Chaining on QuintoLabs Virtual Appliance 2.0 is not supported yet

Unfortunately we have to confirm that Virtual Appliance 2.0 based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (which is in production now) does NOT support chaining of ICAP services. This is dues to the fact that OS comes with Squid 3.0 be default … Continue reading

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QuintoLabs Content Security 2.0 is Released

We are very happy to finally present the results of our efforts to users of QuintoLabs Content Security. Major additions and improvements in this version are: Added support for policies (different settings for different proxy users) greatly improving usability of … Continue reading

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