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Purging Monitoring Records Older than 30 Days is Problematic

Diladele Web Safety is supposed to remove records older than 30 days from the monitoring database stored in /opt/qlproxy/var/db/monitor.sqlite. This is done to reduce the amount of disk space this database allocates. This is especially important when you are monitoring … Continue reading

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Diladele Web Safety 3.2 is Released

We are glad to announce the release of Diladele Web Safety 3.2 (qlproxy). This version contains the much awaited Microsoft Active Directory integration and support for using LDAP security groups as members of policy. Online documentation was updated with precise … Continue reading

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qlproxy 3.2 announced as Release Candidate

We have updated builds for CentOS / RedHat / Debian / Ubuntu and FreeBSD for qlproxy 3.2. It is now at Release Candidate stage. No more changes to the C++ core unless a very serious bug is found. There might … Continue reading

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