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DNS Safety Filter – Version 0.4

The next 0.4 version of DNS Safety filtering server is ready for public preview. The following features are available for now: Deploys as full featured DNS server on your local hardware (or in the cloud). Currently tested on Ubuntu 18 … Continue reading

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Release Candidate of Web Safety 7.0 web filter for Squid proxy

The release candidate build of Web Safety web filter for Squid proxy (version built on December 14, 2018) is now available for download. This version contains the following breaking changes, fixes and improvements: Base platform moved to Ubuntu 18 … Continue reading

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Web Safety Proxy on Amazon AWS

Starting from version 7.0 pre-configured Web Safety virtual appliance is available on Amazon AWS. To see it in action use the following link Here is what is new in this version compared to released 6.4: Base platform for virtual … Continue reading

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