Dns Safety 0.8.0

Next small release of Dns Safety is now available. This version contains the following changes and improvements:

  • Implemented Safe Search enforcement for Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo search engines.
  • Implemented Moderate and Strict YouTube restrictions.
  • It is now possible to forward requests to internal domain names to internal DNS servers (like for example in Active Directory based deployments).
  • Fixed error with non working regular expression filtering and policy exclusions.
  • Updated docs.dnssafety.io to match new version and explain installation steps a little better.
  • Extended history module, it now contains the forwarded-internal, forwarded-external, cache, block, aliased verdicts for DNS request processing.

The version is available from https://dnssafety.io/download.html. It is recommended to use the pre-configured virtual appliance for VMware and Microsoft Azure if possible (the Azure build version will be updated within a week).

Please add your issues/bugs at our GitHub project page – see https://github.com/diladele/dnssafety/milestones or contact support@diladele.com if this is easier.

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