DNS Safety Filter 0.6

Next 0.6 version of DNS Safety filtering server is released. This release contains the following features and improvements:

  • It is now possible to manage DNS Safety completely from the browser. The Admin UI was tested in Ubuntu 18 and is also part of virtual appliance. UI is written in Python Django and uses Apache. Users of Web Safety will feel themselves at home now.
  • Small changes in traffic monitoring module, the module now writes access log as JSONL file. This file is used in Admin UI to present the summary of DNS requests in your network, provides list of most browsed sites, top blocked users and domains.

The version is available from https://dnssafety.io/download.html. It is recommended to use the pre-configured virtual appliance for VMware, Microsoft Azure if possible (the Azure build will be published within a week).

The product was born out of the need to do local DNS filtering within un-managed home/small company/public wifi networks where full featured HTTPS decrypting web filtering proxy solution like Web Safety is not applicable (because trusted root proxy ca certificates cannot be installed on networking machines).

Please add your issues/bugs at our GitHub project page – see https://github.com/diladele/dnssafety/milestones.

Please have in mind it is being actively developed project and might not always work as expected. We do appreciate any feedback you might have. Contact support@diladele.com if this easier or preferably create an issue at GitHub.


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