Web Safety Proxy on Amazon AWS

Starting from version 7.0 pre-configured Web Safety virtual appliance is available on Amazon AWS.

To see it in action use the following link https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B07KJHLHKC?qid=1542298277826&sr=0-1&ref_=srh_res_product_title

Here is what is new in this version compared to released 6.4:

  • Base platform for virtual appliance is moved to Ubuntu 18 LTS.
  • Required Python version is now 3 instead of 2.
  • Required Django version is now 2.1.2 instead of 1.11.
  • Squid proxy is now version 4.4.
  • Fixed a lot of minor bugs due to move to Python 3 and Django 2.

Please see it in action if possible and send bug reports or questions to support@diladele.com. Thanks to all of you for making this possible!

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