YouTube filtering module to block videos, categories and channels

We have added an experimental YouTube guard module in this new early build of Web Safety 6.3. This module allows administrator to limit the watched videos on YouTube by video category, channel ID and video ID. The module is implemented as Squid’s URL redirector hence it cannot work together with Google Safe Browsing URL redirector (added in 6.1).

Status of the module is experimental thus we need your feedback to decide it this module is worth including into production build.

Other changes

  • Completely redesigned and reimplemented the Surfing Now module. It is now easier to see what sites are browsed most and what sites are blocked most currently.
  • Added CTIRU list of prohibited URLs. Schools in the UK are required to block access to contents from the CTIRU list.

Download Virtual Appliance

Please share your thoughts and ideas on YouTube filtering module at Based on this it can be included into production build.

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Diladele Dev Team

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