Web Safety 5.2 Release Candidate

Update: Web Safety is released today (Nov 14, 2017). Get virtual appliance at  https://www.diladele.com/virtual_appliance.html

The version of Web Safety ICAP web filter for Squid proxy is announced as Release Candidate. It is now ready for broad deployment to production systems. The code is complete and anything new will only be added to the upcoming 5.3.

This version contains the following fixes and improvements:

  • Added management sections for Squid cache (refresh patterns) and logging submodules to Admin UI. It is now very easy to enable different log level for a separate Squid module to make troubleshooting simpler.
  • New version of definition files database. Some categories were combined to make the usage more straightforward, several new categories added.
  • Added support for “brotli” transfer encoding, greatly improving filtering on YouTube and other Google services.
  • Improved correctness of traffic monitoring reports built over the Squid access logs.
  • Added support for recently released pfSense 2.4. Also dropped support for FreeBSD 10 and added FreeBSD 11.

The version is available from https://www.diladele.com/download_next_version.html. It is recommended to use Ubuntu 16 and CentOS 7 based virtual appliances in production. Direct links to virtual appliances are:

Final release is expected in two weeks (approx. 15 of November, 2017).

Next version 5.3 will contain eCAP based ClamAV adapter antivirus from Measurement Factory (except for FreeBSD 11), support for haproxy’s PROXY protocol and proxy pseudo authentication based on IP to Active Directory open source project Active Directory Inspector (see https://github.com/diladele/active-directory-inspector). Builds of 5.3 for now is in beta stage and thus freely available to Early Adopters community.

Thanks to all of you for making this possible!


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