Web Safety 5.1 ICAP web filter for Squid is Ready

New version of Web Safety (ICAP web filter plugin for Squid 3.5) is ready for production. Build number generated on August 9, 2017.

This version contains the ability to bypass the blocked page (using a bypass token). Upon being presented with a blocked page user can click on “Proceed Anyway” button and the blocked domain is then added to a temporary white-list. Bypass time and policies to allow bypassing can be customized by the administrator.

We have changed a lot in the Admin UI internally, splitting the monstrous Django code files into small and manageable classes. In future this will allow us to provide free Admin UI for all Squid users easily detachable from the commercial Web Safety plugin.

Application is packed as virtual appliance to be run in VMWare ESXi (vSphere) or Microsoft Hyper-V and is available from https://www.diladele.com/virtual_appliance.html. Installation scripts for real hardware are hosted on our GitHub repository.

Please direct all support questions to support@diladele.com or submit through GitHub issue tracker. In the next version we are planning to add antivirus engine ClamAV (and possibly another commercial antivirus) as another ICAP service chain to Admin UI.

Best regards, Diladele Dev Team

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