New Build of 5.1.0.FF81

UPDATED: June, 13, 2017 – another build of 5.1. The bypass by token now works correctly. FreeBSD 10 based build also functional. Added intermediate certificate storage management.

There is a new 5.1 build available at This version contains the ability to bypass the blocked page (eventually using a bypass token but this does not work for now).

Upon being presented with a blocked page user can click on “Proceed Anyway” button and the domain is then added to a temporary white-list. Bypass time and allowed policy to do the bypass can be customized.

Internally we have changed a lot in the Admin UI, splitting the complex Django code files into small and manageable classes. Hopefully we did not lost anything during the transition but you can never know for sure. Please if you find any bug or issue – do report at

We are now trying to make bypass by token work and fixing FreeBSD build.

Diladele Dev Team.

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