Web Safety filter for Squid is Released

Web Safety 4.9 ICAP web filter for Squid proxy is now released. This version added a lot of new functionality including:

  • support for integration with Cisco ASA firewalls/routers using WCCP protocol and ability to automatically synchronize configuration among several filtering nodes.
  • proxy authentication based on list of users (htpasswd) and pseudo proxy authentication by mapping IP addresses or MAC addresses of proxy clients to user name labels.
  • Django framework for Web UI updated from 1.6.11 to 1.8.17 (breaking change).

Please use this build in production. If you have earlier versions of Web Safety please plan upgrade to version 4.9 when you find it appropriate. The upgrade instructions are at https://docs.diladele.com/administrator_guide_4_9/upgrade/index.html

It is recommended to deploy the product as virtual appliance. The appliance can be downloaded from https://www.diladele.com/virtual_appliance.html. Real hardware versions are available from https://www.diladele.com/download.html.

For those who like to use the latest version see development builds of version 5.0 at https://www.diladele.com/download_next_version.html. This version will contain ability to bypass the blocked page for specific policies and ability to manage network settings from Web UI (for Ubuntu 16/CentOS7 only).


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