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Using Subordinate CA for HTTPS Decryption in Active Directory Integrated Squid

In order to use Subordinate CA for HTTPS filtering on Squid proxy (SSL Bump) you need to migrate your PKI infrastructure to SHA256 algorithm. This must be done because of SHA1 sunsetting in all major browsers as explained in … Continue reading

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How to Allow Only Specific Video on YouTube

Imagine you have installed our Web Safety Squid integrated web filter and completely blocked access to YouTube by blocking “Social Networking” and “Video Sharing” categories of sites. Now you would like to allow access to a single video on YouTube. … Continue reading

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Web Safety filter for Squid is Released

Web Safety 4.9 ICAP web filter for Squid proxy is now released. This version added a lot of new functionality including: support for integration with Cisco ASA firewalls/routers using WCCP protocol and ability to automatically synchronize configuration among several filtering … Continue reading

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