Alpha 2 of Web Safety ICAP Filter 4.4

The Alpha 2 of Diladele Web Safety ICAP filter for Squid proxy is now available (build 4.4.0.D5D5). We have completely redesigned and reimplemented reporting subsystem. We now have several tens of various reports some of which support drill down.

Each report can be scheduled and built independently of others so if you do not require or better require only some of the monitoring information feel free to construct your own reporting schedule. Default reports give a nice overview of top browsing IPs and users, top visited domains and number of processed requests and consumed bandwidth (with limitations).

Please take a look, test and tell us what reports are still missing (would be nice to have). Maybe some information is better represented differently than we designed.

This version also supports the blocking of HTTPS connect tunnels with user friendly messages, global SSL and ICAP exclusions, ability to import plain text files into configuration database and much more.

Installers for all platforms except FreeBSD (pfSense) are available from Bugs, issues and suggestions are welcome at

We are now polishing the overall thing and try to make it work on pfSense/FreeBSD 10.

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Diladele Dev Team

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