4.3 Troubleshooting

Unlimited Growth of the Monitor Database

Problem: even if you have purge settings configured for persistent monitoring channel on the following screenshot, monitoring database still continues to grow.

This is a known problem in Diladele Web Safety version 4.3. It is fixed in 4.4. For those wishing to fix it please download the new report.py file from this link and save it into /opt/qlproxy/var/console/report.py. The database will be purged next time a report is built.

Surfing History View Reordered After Restart of ICAP Daemon

Surfing History view in Web UI of Diladele Web Safety shows incorrectly ordered entries after ICAP daemon is restarted. The reason of the issue is incorrect sorting order in SQL.

To fix it find and change two lines in /opt/qlproxy/var/console/www/views.py from



order_by('-timestamp', '-iid').

Then click Save and Restart in the Web UI.

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