Web Safety ICAP 4.4 for Squid Proxy

The first early version of Diladele Web Safety ICAP server 4.4 is now available from http://quintolabs.com/soon.php page. For now only build for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS is available.

This version implements showing blocked page in HTTPS CONNECT tunnels. It means the cannot connect to site using HTTPS message described in the following FAQ entry is now fixed – see http://docs.diladele.com/faq/squid/cannot_connect_to_site_using_https.html. In order to be able to show the blocked message we first allow CONNECT tunnels to be established and then block the first GET request in the tunnel, returning the ‘403 Blocked’ page to the browser.

This is on by default for all policies except the Strict one. The administrator is able to adjust this setting per policy. Please take a look and report all possible issues!

Best regards,
Diladele Dev Team

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