Web Safety ICAP Filter 4.3 Release Candidate for Squid

The 4.3 Release Candidate is ready. We have finally added support for FreeBSD 10 (pfSense 2.2) and other experimental platforms. In this version we tried to concentrate on better reporting, SSL root certificate management and better dashboard.

This version contains the following bug fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed Google Chrome Error – Your Connection is not private (NET::ERR_CERT_INVALID)
  • Monitoring information is now collected and processed by a specific standalone monitoring server wsmgrd. It is responsible for upload of monitoring information into configured database and generation of Surfing Now real time information, Surfing History and reports. Report upload was heavily optimized so hopefully the ever running Python upload scripts are now history. Please take into account the report generation is still being done by Python so it may still be slow on huge traffic. We plan to concentrate on this in version 4.4.
  • We now added the Web UI for management of Root CA certificates for the Squid proxy. It is now very simple to generate your own trusted root SSL decryption certificate, back up or upload your own pre-generated certificate.
  • Web UI has a new and remastered dashboard with charts of CPU activity, RAM and SWAP used, various system information and history of last connections processed by Squid. Surfing Now and Surfing History allow searching for not only incident id as before but also for host, address, user name, etc.

Please download installers from http://www.quintolabs.com/soon.php. We now have two sample virtual appliances for Ubuntu 14 LTS and CentOS 7 available from the same page.

We have now no open issues towards this release candidate. The release is to be finally announced after 10 December 2015. Please if you have issues/bugs do not hesitate to report to support@diladele.com.

Diladele Dev Team.

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