Web Safety 4.1 for Squid Proxy is Released

The next version of Web Safety for Squid Proxy is available today. We tried to make it more convenient for the admins to enable automatic exclusion of trustworthy sites (banks, governments, financial institutions) from SSL filtering. It is also now possible to granularly perform SSL filtering for selected policies only.

The following bug fixes and improvements are included in this version:

  • Ability to automatically exclude specific categories of sites from HTTPS filtering
  • Ability to do the HTTPS filtering for configured groups of users (policies) only
  • Ability to configure the lists of trusted categories and SSL exclusion categories
  • It is now possible to exclude from SSL filtering by IP address, domain name and IP subnet (useful for transparent HTTPS filtering deployment schemes).
  • Improved upload of monitoring data into SQLite / MySQL (now it works with URLs containing non Unicode symbols)
  • Now the program can be installed on Microsoft Windows to enable HTTPS / SSL filtering on the latest Squid 3.5 for Windows (http://squid.diladele.com). This is still experimental!
  • Ability to block requests based on User-Agent HTTP header.
  • A lot of small changes and improvements in the Web UI

Virtual Appliance with 4.1 has also been updated. Please download and use from http://www.quintolabs.com/virtual.php. Next version of Web Safety for Squid proxy (4.2) will contain better reporting module and some Squid management capabilities.

Best regards,
Diladele Dev Team

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  1. tomaz says:

    when will you add support for pfsense 2.2.1?

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