Latest Squid 3.5 for Microsoft Windows (CygWin 64bit)

We are very glad to announce the new (RC) build of Squid 3.5.1 for Microsoft Windows! The MSI installer containing all needed CygWin libraries is available on

This build is the result of open source project It tries to have the easily usable installer for Squid for Microsoft Windows with all compilation flags required to do ICAP based HTTP / HTTPS web filtering. The MSI of Diladele Web Safety 4.1 is to follow later (but it does exist and even filters HTTPS!).

We will now try to integrate our patch into main Squid source tree. Hopefully it will be accepted.

Stay tuned!
Diladele Dev Team.

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  3. This version supports transparent mode?

  4. tecmindbr says:

    Sorry for the delay, currently use Windows 64bit 8.1 with 2 NIC, 1 with free internet access and other releasing access to LAN, squid 2.7.STABLE8.
    To redirect all traffic from port 80 to the squid, I’m using (SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager 3.0.9 Full).
    My squid is in transparent mode (squid.conf with the line “http_port 3128 transparent”)
    I’m using (Diladele Web Safety ver with the squid.
    Everything works perfect, less https filtering and diladele for windows no more updates.

  5. Sym Joy says:

    Thanks for the new release. Currently using on Windows 8.1 ENT 64bit. I modified the squidsrv (Diladele.Squid.Service.exe) source to have it pull command line from registry. So squid can have (-N) as start up argument. Without it squid does not listens on any port when using rock store and same problem occurs when using aufs with workers higher than 1.

  6. Sym Joy says:

    Any update on the sample config?

    • sichent says:

      Hello Sym, there is a bug on windows build that for some reason only *one* worker is capable of working with cache storage. When you pass -N you tell squid to use only one worker explicitly – that is why it works. We are trying to understand the reason for this problem but the efforts involved are far from being enough – i.e. we do not know where the bug is 🙂

  7. Sym Joy says:

    I only found squid binary in there (res/). I assume you pulled the squid source from and applied the squid-3-5-1.patch?

  8. siem says:

    Actually, the patch was contributed back to the squid source. You should be able to compile squid 3.5.2 without this patch.

    • Sym Joy says:

      Yeah. It compiled okay. However the same problem persists. Rock store doesn’t work without the -N as an argument.

  9. CW says:

    Does this release support active directory authentication/integration?

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