ICAP error when filtering HTTP(S) response headers

UPDATE1: Please first of all check if your license is not expired. If you are using trial license please note it expired on March. 1, 2015. Visit http://quintolabs.com/licensing.php to get a new license.

UPDATE: bug is already fixed in version 4.0 of Diladele Web Safety – download at http://quintolabs.com/download.php.

Current stable version of Diladele Web Safety 3.4 has an unpleasant bug, when you have configured any of header only response filtering modules (content type blocking, file name or file type blocking and content charsets) Squid *may* mark qproxyd ICAP server as inactive. Users of proxy will then see the ‘ICAP server is failed’ error. The reason for this is incorrect ICAP response generated by qlproxyd daemon. The squid’s cache.log usually contains lines like essential ICAP service is suspended: icap:// [down,susp,fail11].

If you have this issue please add icap_service_failure_limit -1 to your squid.conf.
We are currently trying to resolve this bug. Those interested may follow the bug fixing in https://github.com/ra-at-diladele-com/qlproxy_external/issues/676.

Sorry for the mess,
Diladele Dev Team

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