qlproxy 4.0 alpha is available

The alpha version of next Diladele Web Safety (qlproxy) 4.0 is available. This version contains the following features and improvements:

  • new and very much improved Web UI that will serve as a basis for all future additions. We now have place to implement most (if not all) features for managing not only qlproxy’s settings but also Squid’s settings from the Web UI. Hopefully in future you will seldom need to manually change the conf files.
  • improved management of policies. It is now possible to clone existing policy when creating a new one. It is also possible to manage list of blocked categories, adblock and privacy subscriptions from within one page, reducing the overall number of clicks required to fully configure a policy.
  • new image filtering module (experimental). It is now possible to analyze JPEG pictures for skin color and block most of explicit images. Status of this feature is experimental so please do not use it in production environments yet. We are very eager to hear your ideas about quality of detection and still adjusting the heuristics to lower false positives.
  • improved Surfing Now and Monitoring page. It is now possible to filter and group the monitoring records by user, domain, ip and top level domains. More info is stored in the monitoring database that acts as the basis for improvements in reports planned for 4.1 or 4.2 versions.
  • HTTP/HTTPS requests are now scanned too. This allows for filtering of explicit adult search terms in all search engines (including Google images).
  • Added support for viewing only school approved YouTube images using YouTube for Education subscription id.
  • Added support for using only specific domains in Google Apps for Business and Google Mail.
  • Various improvements in HTML deep inspection module (internal heuristics is still being adjusted)
  • Support for latest Django 1.6.8

Currently FreeBSD builds are not present but they will be present in Beta. We are now concentrating on supporting pfSense and testing upgrade instructions from version 3.4. Please download and see if this version good for your filtering environments. We are still looking for ideas and next steps so please share your thoughts!

BTW – we are soon making available build instructions and GitHub repository for those interested in Microsoft Windows builds with the same supported features of current Diladele Web Safety for Linux/FreeBSD. We will even try to get it into Windows Store 🙂

Best regards,
Diladele Dev Team

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