Web Filtering on Windows with Squid 3.5 and Diladele

UPDATE Feb 3, 2015 – Squid 3.5 for Microsoft Windows installer is finally here – https://sichent.wordpress.com/2015/02/03/latest-squid-3-5-for-microsoft-windows-cygwin-64bit/

Due to exciting recent news from Squid developers we are starting to build our solution for Microsoft Windows too. It may last a little time until something is ready to be publicly tried but it will not last long! Finally our users of previous versions of Diladele Web Safety for Windows 8 and QuintoLabs Content Security 2.0 for Squid 2.7 will get the same web filtering feature set already available in Linux versions. In the meantime the Linux version can be run with help of excellent free VMWare Player for Windows. For now we plan to support deployments in Windows Home Server / Windows Essentials Server. We will also try to get the product certified for Windows 8.1 and upcoming Windows 10 and put it into Windows Store. Stay tuned! Diladele Dev Team.

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2 Responses to Web Filtering on Windows with Squid 3.5 and Diladele

  1. Tomaz says:

    any news for windows 8.1?
    Do you support (test?) pfsense 2.2?

    • sichent says:

      We have Squid up and running in Windows 8 and are now preparing a github project for everyone to use it. The qlproxyd daemon still needs to be made running on Windows. Hopefully we will have time for that after 4.0 alpha (on this monday).

      The pfSense 2.2 is not being tested as it is based on FreeBSD 10 and we did not yet build our package for it (new packaging system introduced in FreeBSD 10).

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