Diladele Web Safety 3.4 (qlproxy) is Released

Diladele Web Safety version is released. Since version 3.3 we have added the following features:

  • Trusted Categories – it is now possible to exclude categorized and well known domains from deep content inspection. If a domain is known to be part of a specific category then contents from this domain is not scanned for adult phrases. This greatly improves quality of web filtering on most educational and informational sites which are known to be free from adult only content (e.g. wikipedia will never be blocked now). Domains general in nature (like google search, youtube, bing, various blog platforms and social media) cannot be designated as trusted. It is possible to switch off this setting for locked or strict policies where no adult material should be allowed.
  • Redesigned and rewritten deep content inspection engine that now does better job of counting multiple instances of adult only words in text.
  • Redesigned categorization engine which now always does categorization for all domains. It is very easy to see what categories were assigned to a domain and what categories need to be blocked to prevent access to similar sites. The categorization database is much more compact, improving overall memory consumption of ICAP server.
  • Improved monitoring module allows grouping by users/IP addresses, domain names. It is now much easier to see what sites are browsed more often.
  • Added support for RedHat / CentOS 7 that now has HTTPS filtering capable Squid out of the box (with minor limitations)!

Please download the installers for all available platforms from http://www.quintolabs.com/download.php.

Diladele Dev Team

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