Beta of Diladele Web Safety 3.3 is Available

The Beta version of Diladele Web Safety 3.3 is available as of today for download at The following new features and improvements are added in this version:

UPDATE: The Upgrade 3.2 to 3.3 instructions provide SQL files to be used while upgrading. Please download, test and report issues!

Improvements since alpha 2:

  • Importing of monitoring information into the monitoring database is now much faster and less CPU hungry. Still if you have switched on the “Monitor All Web Requests” settings be sure you are running your proxy on a powerful hardware. Report generation may still be hungry for CPU and RAM. We are working on making it better but it may require database storage redesign and is planned for the next 3.4 version
  • All documentation is now on Please take a look and send comments if something is wrongly/not clearly explained. Previous version of documentation on GitHub will be gradually removed after release of 3.3.

Improvements since stable version 3.2:

  • Web UI is improved, it is now based on Bootstrap 3 and partially on AngularJS, looks to some extent better and is not so ugly when viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer.
    Totally reimplemented Active Directory (LDAP) server integration and user matching in windows security groups. Hopefully this will make the task of using Active Directory groups as members of policies easier.
  • Added long awaited support for custom categories. The format is the same as in SquidGuard or Dansguardian. Hopefully simple copy of your custom made lists will be enough to use them in policies.
  • Advanced exclusions (like gray listing in terms of dansguardian). It is now possible for example to block file downloads from a web site and exclude it from other types of filtering at the same time.
  • A lot of small improvements and fixes.
  • Daemon configuration is now JSON based that will make it very easy to embed into your custom solution (i.e. in your our network filtering projects).

Please download and use this version in non critical environments. We would like your help in testing custom categories functionality – just get the Shalla or urlblacklist lists and drop then into /opt/qlproxy/var/spool/custom_categories – it should be directly available for usage in Web UI.

Please direct all your ideas, issues and bug descriptions to We are now concentrating on improving 3.2 to 3.3 automatic upgrade scripts.

Best regards,
Diladele Dev Team

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