Diladele Web Safety 3.2 is Released

We are glad to announce the release of Diladele Web Safety 3.2 (qlproxy). This version contains the much awaited Microsoft Active Directory integration and support for using LDAP security groups as members of policy. Online documentation was updated with precise instructions how to integrate qlproxy Virtual Appliance with Microsoft Active Directory using Kerberos and basic authentication.

Non office time filtering and lunch time filtering exclusions were also added. It is now possible to setup different filtering levels for different hours, allowing for example for strict filtering during day and relaxed filtering during night hours. This addition is very handy in home deployments when minors need to be protected during day on all devices and adults have ability to freely browse the internet at night without setting complex filtering settings, additional policies and proxy authentication.

Deployments with huge number of users and requirements to monitor all browsing history of users can easily store collected events in professional databases like MySQL.

Diladele Web Safety now is supported in transparent HTTP/HTTPS filtering setups. Our online documentation contains step-by-step instructions describing how to setup transparent SSL filtering without need to explicitly point browsers to Squid proxy.

All users of previous versions of qlproxy are recommended to update to version 3.2. Use the following links to download installation binaries for all supported platforms or preconfigured virtual appliance.

Diladele B.V. Team

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