qlproxy 3.2 announced as Release Candidate

We have updated builds for CentOS / RedHat / Debian / Ubuntu and FreeBSD for qlproxy 3.2. It is now at Release Candidate stage. No more changes to the C++ core unless a very serious bug is found. There might be some cosmetic changes in the UI or documentation which should not have significant effects on the Release Schedule.

Please if you have not yet seen this in action and you would like to have Lunch Time filtering exclusions (non office hours filtering) and Active Directory security groups as members of web filtering policies – download and install the binaries or get preconfigured virtual appliance.

In several days all online documentation will be updated to reflect changes to installation procedures (namely adding of LDAP libraries to your Linux system). In two weeks time we are going to release qlproxy 3.2. The procedure to upgrade your 3.1 installations will be published on this later.

Diladele B.V. Dev Team.

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