Diladele Web Safety 3.2 Beta is Available

We would like to announce the availability of version 3.2 of Diladele Web Safety for Squid Proxy. This is a major release with lots of improvements, including:

  1. Support for policy priorities and time based exclusions

    It is now possible to rearrange the order in which policies are matched. Coupled with policy scheduling introduced in this release it is now possible to apply different policies for the same users based on time. Consider something like strict business filtering policy during office hours and much more relaxed filtering policies during lunch and non office hours. The admin will need to setup policies for the members only once and then Diladele Web Safety will automatically match users to appropriate policy based on current time. The same scenario can be applied in home based filtering when all devices are filtered with strict settings during day and later in the evening filtering will automatically switch to more relaxed mode – thus greatly improving overall web filtering experience.

  2. Support for LDAP / Active Directory groups as members of policies

    Given your Squid has LDAP/Kerberos based authentication in place, it is now possible to specify LDAP/Active Directory group name as members of policies. Setup these LDAP groups once and never bother about correct filtering settings for a single user any more – the only thing that needs to be done is assigning users to the correct Active Directory / LDAP group. Diladele Web Safety will try to search authenticated user in the given group and if found will apply corresponding filtering policy automatically. Syntax for LDAP group search is the same as SquidGuard’s, so current users of SquidGuard are already all set.

  3. Ability to store statistics / monitoring data in MySQL

    It is now very easy to switch Diladele Web Safety to storing monitoring data in MySQL (and other corporate databases). The default install still contains SQLite based storage and is still limited in how much it may store but going to bigger data is much simpler now. One single script is enough (we will publish the script as separate article on this blog later).

Please download the 3.2 version from the following page. All your notes, issues and bug reports are welcome at support@diladele.com.

Diladele Development Team

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