Release Candidate 2 of QlProxy is Available

UPDATE: Version 3 is Released on December 12, 2013!

We are very glad to present the availability of Release Candidate 2 for Diladele Web Safety (formerly known as QuintoLabs Content Security or qlproxy). We have worked very hard to bring it to public as fast as possible. This version contains the following improvements:

  1. Fixed an unpleasant thread race conditions that usually resulted in crash of qlproxyd daemon and dreaded “ICAP protocol error” page.
  2. Added support for ICAP bypassing for specified domain names and/or content types. This will make web browsing to these domain faster and lower the overall CPU usage of qlproxyd daemon.
  3. Added support for filtering of HTTPS traffic using SSL Bump feature of Squid. The explicit contents on Google and YouTube are now blocked as easily as using normal HTTP filtering. This functionality requires efforts from admins though, we are planning to publish a step-by-step HOWTO explaining what needs to be done on the Squid side. The Virtual Appliance based on the coming version of Diladele Web Safety will have it all enabled by default so you will not need to do anything else to have HTTPS filtering working.
  4. Added support for new platforms based on ARM processors – Raspberry PI and Beagle Bone Black (BBB). Due to limited resources on these platforms we may need to further optimize the code so please report any errors/problems asap.

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Diladele B.V. Team

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