Meet Release Candidate!

We are again happy to announce that Release Candidate for Diladele Web Safety (qlproxy) version 3 is ready!

We have worked very hard to make this happen as planned. This build includes a lot of changes and improvements including improved categorization database, better polished Web Administrator Console, support for Debian 6, RedHat/CentOS 5 and FreeBSD 8, including latest versions of pfSense and FreeNAS (as in-jail installation) and improved Surfing Now module.

Although pretty stable this is still a work-in-progress release so you are not advised to install it in mission critical environments, on the other hand we are looking forward to your experience with Diladele Web Safety in real word production loads. So please go ahead with installation and let us know immediately of any errors or inconveniences, questions or suggestions – send e-mails to or post issues at GitHub.

The direct links to installation packages for 64-bit operating systems are:

Links to Beta installation packages are removed as we now have the Release Candidate 2

Please follow installation instructions on our GitHub project.

Thanks to all of you!
Diladele B.V. Team

BTW: Any Raspberry PI or BBB geeks here? Drop us a note to see ARM build of qlproxy in action!

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