Exciting News for the Upcoming Release of QlProxy

Finally we are able to share some very exciting news about upcoming release of QuintoLabs Content Security!

New Name. Due to our company’s consolidation efforts we decided to rename QuintoLabs Content Security for Squid Proxy to Diladele Web Safety for Squid Proxy. The product from now on will be backed by Diladele B.V. – a commercial company of us trying to make the best web filtering products.

New Web Site. We have finally updated our web site. It started to get a little outdated and we needed a better place to host our upcoming product – Diladele Web Safety 3 for Squid proxy server. This is a big release marking the end of huge development efforts and countless hours of debugging and testing. The new version is based on well proven code base of QuintoLabs Content Security and will include a lot of changes, most prominent ones are listed below.

  • Much improved and redesigned advertizement blocking engine. Those who use AdBlock (Plus) for Chrome and Firefox will find themselves at home and now the power of ad blocking is upon all networked devices – even iPhone and iPads are supported out of the box!
  • New online privacy and tracking protection engine.
  • Deep inspection of HTML pages, performing DOM transformations and link analysis for ads, privacy and explicit content.
  • Native support for 64-bit platforms for Linuxes and two more supported architectures – including FreeBSD (need your help with pfSense BTW) and Apple MacOS X.
  • Real time web monitoring and simplified configuration with help of Web UI.

We have also set up a newsletter for those of you who would like to stay updated in an old fashioned way – subscribe at http://quintolabs.com/soon.php! More simple way stay connected is via our Facebook page or Twitter.

P.S. We moved our issue database to GitHub – so please report all errors / requests either there https://github.com/ra-at-diladele-com/qlproxy_external/issues/milestones or discussion group http://groups.google.com/group/quintolabs-content-security-for-squid-proxy.

Diladele B.V. Dev Team

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