We are Blocking Ads in Internet Explorer (MetroUI) in Windows 8.1 (Blue)!

We have got our MSDN based Windows 8.1 Preview build now and promptly tested if Diladele Web Safety works in the new (or better to say updated 🙂 ) Microsoft’s operating system – and yes, it works perfectly! Nothing in the drivers’ side needs to be changed which is a great relief for us… Windows Store design was quite updated – so the easiest way to find us is to type “diladele” in the search box on the store’s main page, select our icon and run the installer.

For those of you who is interested in what is next – we have internal build with response filtering supporting AdBlock hiding rules (not all of them due to limitations of the level where HTTP interception is done) up and walking, so level of blocking should be better now. The build is available for internal use only but I will post a message on the web site and here when public beta is ready for playing with 🙂

Best regards,
Diladele B.V.

The following screenshots may say better:

Home Screen on Windows 8.1

Desktop IE Ads Blocked

Modern Metro IE Ads Blocked

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