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We are Blocking Ads in Internet Explorer (MetroUI) in Windows 8.1 (Blue)!

We have got our MSDN based Windows 8.1 Preview build now and promptly tested if Diladele Web Safety works in the new (or better to say updated 🙂 ) Microsoft’s operating system – and yes, it works perfectly! Nothing in … Continue reading

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Possible Error in Diladele Web Safety Daemon (After Database Update)

Dear users of Diladele Web Safety! Currently released version may crush after AdBlock definition file update. The bug has been independently confirmed by several users in the field and we are investigating the possible reasons. The most severe damage … Continue reading

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Automatically Trace Function Parameters with WinDbg

A quick not for myself not to forget – in order to dump the function parameter to debug window and continue use the following Windbg’s break point command: bp KERNELBASE!CreateFileW “.echo *** filename ***;du dwo(esp+4);k;g;” For more info and thanks … Continue reading

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