Diladele Web Safety is Released

We are very glad to announce release of the next version of Diladele Web Safety We have worked very hard towards this release, mainly improving quality of ad filtering and interoperability with Google Chrome. Well it all seems to work correctly now 🙂

This release includes the following changes:

  1. We switched to freemium model, adblocking and privacy protection modules are now free.
  2. Ad filtering algorithms improved, more standard filters from AdBlock Plus are now supported.
  3. Quality of blocking ads in Google Chrome greatly improved, sites like spiegel.de are now shown without image placeholder artifacts.
  4. Activities view reimplemented, now it is possible to see better the filter that blocked a specific URL, CTRL+X and CTRL+F shortcuts are supported. White listed domains are now painted in green. Activities window support CTRL+C to copy currently selected filter in clipboard.
  5. Added Russian localization to installer and main GUI of the application.
  6. Installer tries to automatically detect main language of the operating system and enable corresponding adblock subscriptions upon install.
  7. Program can now be automatically upgraded from previous version
  8. Fixed incorrect update interval of adblock and privacy definition files.
  9. Some textual changes in GUI
  10. Task Folders of Diladele are removed from the Task Schedule configuration when uninstalling the product.

The download link is http://www.diladele.com/download.html.

Hope you will find the project useful. By the way if you like it then please go the Windows 8 Application Store, Security. Personal Security, find us there and mark with 5 stars :).

Best regards,
Diladele/QuintoLabs Team

BTW, we have also updated our web site repositioning Diladele Web Safety as the Ultimate AdBlock For Windows 8 (Which of course runs perfectly in Windows 7 too).

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