How to Block Ads in Internet Explorer?

I personally hate web ads…. I do understand ads on a web site might be used to support its owners and site itself and I do not object to some level of ads but well… given the amount of advertising on web sites I visit every day it becomes clear the site owners are not using ads to support themselves but to make the fortune out of their sites.

I also never really click on the ads. When I feel like getting something I prefer to visit a specialized web site with reviews for the things I am interested in and make a careful choice afterwards. This fact lets me conclude that the advertisers are not interested in me as an advertizing target… so I presume if I do not see the ads they will not lose anything. That is why I use web filters that lets you leave this garbage out of your browser.

As Internet Explorer is often a browser of my choice (for several reasons mostly enterprise based) I always wanted it to have something like AdBlock Plus for Firefox. There are some built in privacy lists in IE9+ and also some plugins present on the web but it all looks a little inconsistent as it makes me manually set up two or more different things in several places just to get rid of ads.

To get simplified ad block experience I use Diladele Web Safety. It is a simplified ad block and privacy protection solution for Microsoft Windows 7 and 8. It was designed to give the same level of functionality as exists now in AdBlock and Easy Privacy plugins for Firefox. Nice thing is that it integrates with operating system at network level so it blocks ads not only in Internet Explorer but also in Chrome, Opera, Safari and in Firefox. It is written in C/C++ so it nicely work on my otherwise very slooow 🙂 atom-based netbook. Unfortunately Microsoft does not let you build such a solution for a Surface for now it would be more than welcome in tablet world. Hopefully I am getting some Microsoft Surface Pro in the near future to find it also works nicely there.

Fully functional trial is available at Sorry if the post looks like an ad itself. If you do not like then just give me a kick in comments or block it 🙂

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