Hot Fix 2.0.2 for QuintoLabs Content Security is Released

QuintoLabs is happy to announce availability of Hot Fix 2 for QuintoLabs Content Security 2.0 for Squid Proxy Server. This release contains the following improvements:

  1. Installation on Ubuntu 12.04 now runs correctly.
  2. Better handling of user names with dashes and dots in reports section of Web UI of qlproxy.
  3. Blocked third level domains now block parent second level domain too.
  4. It is now possible to configure the maximum size of text/html pages for deep content inspection engine. Default value increased to 300 Kb.
  5. Block downloads by real file contents is now working correctly.

We would like to thank all users that helped us with bugs for this release, especially Kees, John and Peter! Once again here are direct download links. Next release will focus on native support of x86_64 architecture (2.0.3). Binaries for various platforms may be downloaded from Virtual appliance has also been updated for the last version of qlproxy.

QuintoLabs Team

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