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Release of HotFix 1 for QuintoLabs Content Security versioned unfortunately does not correctly upgrade the already installed package versioned e.g. 2.0.0.bb01d. QuintoLabs Team works hard to bring more user friendly experience for the upgrade installations but for now here are the steps to take that will let you save your current configuration and successfully install the HotFix. The instructions are for RedHat 6/CentOS 6. You should be able to adapt them easily to your preferred OS.

  1. Stop running Squid instance by typing service squid stop
  2. Stop running qlproxy instance by typing /etc/init.d/qlproxy stop
  3. Copy /var/opt/quintolabs and /etc/opt/quintolabs to a safe location on your hard drive
  4. Remove currently installed qlproxy package by typing rpm --erase qlproxy-2.0.0-bb01d.i386
  5. Install new version of Content Security by typing yum --nogpgcheck localinstall qlproxy-
  6. Stop installed and running qlproxy instance by typing /etc/init.d/qlproxy stop
  7. Move folders saved on step 3 to /var/opt/quintolabs and /etc/opt/quintolabs respectively, fully replacing everything that may be there. Better yet remove previous contents of /var/opt/quintolabs and /etc/opt/quintolabs and copy the saved ones over
  8. Start qlproxy instance by typing /etc/init.d/qlproxy start
  9. Start Squid instance by typing service squid start

You should get your previously set up environment intact. Please note it all is possible because new HotFix contains changes only in the binaries and everything else is the same. Thanks!

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