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ICAP Chaining on QuintoLabs Virtual Appliance 2.0 is not supported yet

Unfortunately we have to confirm that Virtual Appliance 2.0 based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (which is in production now) does NOT support chaining of ICAP services. This is dues to the fact that OS comes with Squid 3.0 be default … Continue reading

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Correct Upgrade Procedure for

Release of HotFix 1 for QuintoLabs Content Security versioned unfortunately does not correctly upgrade the already installed package versioned e.g. 2.0.0.bb01d. QuintoLabs Team works hard to bring more user friendly experience for the upgrade installations but for now here … Continue reading

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Web Filtering on Squid Proxy

This HOWTO describes how to protect your home / small enterprise network users from objectionable internet contents with help of HTTP proxy. Our goal is to setup a free Linux based server running Squid and deploy web filtering application on … Continue reading

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