QuintoLabs Content Security 2.0 is Released

We are very happy to finally present the results of our efforts to users of QuintoLabs Content Security. Major additions and improvements in this version are:

  • Added support for policies (different settings for different proxy users) greatly improving usability of the program in educational institutions and enterprises.
  • Virtual Appliance is built using VMWare Virtual Studio and can be deployed on VMWare Server, Player, Workstation as well as ESX/ESXi.
  • Added support for installing the application of Debian 5, OpenSUSE 12, Windows 8 CP.
  • Improved quality of installation package on Ubuntu / Debian.
  • Improved Ad Block module memory usage and performance.
  • Web UI now shows full configuration information (still read only for now).
  • Updated Apache integration information for Python, virtualenv and Django.
  • Simplified configuration settings.
  • Improved exception list (added domain and subdomain exceptions)
  • Windows installation uses tasks in system Task Scheduler component.
  • Update scripts rewritten in cross platform Python, no need to enable Powershell scripts in Windows now.

Installation packages for all major OSes can be downloaded from http://quintolabs.com/qlicap_download.php. Just in case here are direct download links:

Virtual Appliance for VMWare Workstation, ESX/ESXi are available for download or direct deployment from http://quintolabs.com/qlicap_virtual.php.

Thanks to all users of qlproxy! We are looking forward to your feedback.
QuintoLabs Team

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