QuintoLabs Content Security 1.4.2 is released!

QuintoLabs Content Security 1.4.2 is released today November 21st, 2011. This release includes revised and greatly updated reports module. There are now for different groups of reports (blocked modules, users, IP addresses and domains). Reports are created in real time although data for the reports are loaded into the SQLite database still only once a day. New reports tell exactly who, when, where and why was blocked by the qlproxy, they also show the blocking history of each user, IP address and domain.

The Tiny Proxy Virtual Appliance was also updated with the latest bugfixes for Debian 6 and latest version of Content Security. All users are advised to upgrade in their spare time. There are no outstanding critical bugs and program seems to run quite stable and fast.

Please use the links below to get the latest versions of binary packages and Virtual Appliance.


Thank you!
QuintoLabs Team

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