QuintoLabs Releases Content Security 1.4.0 for Squid Proxy

QuintoLabs has just released the next version of Content Security for Squid Proxy Server ( Just FYI 🙂 :

QuintoLabs Content Security is an ICAP daemon/URL rewriter that integrates with existing Squid Proxy Server and provides rich content filtering functionality to sanitize Internet traffic passing into internal home/enterprise network. It may be used to block illegal or potentially malicious file downloads, remove annoying advertisements, prevent access to various categories of the web sites and block resources with explicit content.

Here are new features:

  1. Added “File Type Filtering Module” that could be used to easily identify executables or other types of files by looking at real file contents (up to 4096 Kb).
  2. Implemented brute-force content inspection module used to search contents of downloaded web pages for adult or explicit contents. It allows the administrator to filter web pages based on their real contents often faster than URL and Domain block modules did before.
  3. The application now supports sophisticated “trickled” inspection logic to be able to scan contents of huge files being downloaded through Squid.
  4. Two phase scanner is implemented. It allows an inspection module to skip scanning large number of files that are known to be safe and that do not need filtering.
  5. AdBlock module is greatly improved. It now uses a transparent .gif file to imitate the blocked advertisement which in turn leads to better looking web pages without ads (most notably in Microsoft Internet Explorer).
  6. Improved ICAP RFC compliance when qlproxy detects errors in ICAP transactions, unavailable resources or incorrect internal states.
  7. Improved file name parsing algorithm for Microsoft IIS servers. The detect ratio for File Name Blocking Module is greatly improved.
  8. ICAP mode of integration now supports ‘redirect’ action for a detected object.
  9. Objects with gzip transfer encoding are also inspected by all modules now.
  10. Fixed a typo in the configuration parser module when disabling AdBlock also leads to disable Parental Controls module.
  11. Tiny Proxy Virtual Appliance are now packed with README file.
  12. Dropped support for Debian 5 and Fedora 13.
  13. Added support for dumping inspected objects to temporary files in /var/opt/quintolabs/qlproxy/tmp to ease debugging scenarios.
  14. Internal ICAP protocol tests are deployed with the application in /opt/quintolabs/qlproxy/bin/tests.

For more detailed information see the release notes at http://quintolabs.com/qlproxy/binaries/1.4.0/releasenotes.htm.

Installation packages and tiny web proxy virtual appliance can be downloaded from:
http://quintolabs.com/qlicap_download.php and http://quintolabs.com/qlicap_virtual.php.

The development team wishes to thank all users of QuintoLabs.
Please direct your thoughts, critics and suggestions to support@quintolabs.com or https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/quintolabs-content-security-for-squid-proxy.

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