QuintoLabs Content Security Not Blocking Ads on Squid?

It may happen that Squid with QuintoLabs Content Security does not seem to block ads as expected. Should we blame the developers right away? Not always. Here are the possible reasons why it might happen:

  1. Check we are using Squid as the proxy set in the browser. Pretty obvious but you never know 🙂
  2. Check that Squid is set up correctly to forward HTTP requests/responses to the ICAP server. This is typically set up as icap_enable on and icap_service ... in /etc/squid3/squid.conf
  3. Check that Content Security (qlproxyd) daemon is started by ps aux | grep qlproxyd
  4. Check that qlproxyd listens on ICAP port netstat -a -p | grep 1344 or netstat -a -p | grep icap
  5. Check the /var/opt/quintolabs/qlproxy/logs/error.log for possible errors and warnings
  6. Check if the log file /var/opt/quintolabs/qlproxy/logs/access.log contains at least some entries.
  7. Check that ad blocking module is enabled in /opt/quintolabs/qlproxy/etc/qlproxyd.conf… there should be adblockenabled = yes.
  8. Check the subscription database file at /opt/quintolabs/qlproxy/etc/adblock.conf and actual subscriptions at /var/opt/quintolabs/qlproxy/spool/adblock/*.txt
  9. If everything is running properly try to reset the browser cache and if still nothing works – kick those responsible at support@quintolabs.com.

    We’ll be happy to help you!

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