QuintoLabs Releases Content Security 1.3

Today QuintoLabs released the next version of Content Security 1.3 for Squid Proxy Server. This version adds several new features, bug fixes and improvements:

1. Added support for Fedora 15 and (!) Microsoft Windows. It is now possible to have ICAP server running in Windows environments. The additional functionality though (like definition updates, UI reports generation and so on) will be included in the next version only.

2. New Ad Block filtering engine (2.0) is integrated into the application. The engine understands more constraints on AdBlock Plus filters and behaves nicely with domain and object type white lists.

3. Installation directory structure has been reorganized to closer match the Linux file system standard.

4. File name based blocking is greatly improved as the engine now used advances algorithm to parse names out of HTTP responses.

5. Web based UI of the application is improved. Logs of definition updates and product configuration can be viewed from the browser now.

For more detailed information see the release notes at http://quintolabs.com/qlproxy/binaries/1.3.418.0/releasenotes.htm.

Installation packages and tiny web proxy virtual appliance can be downloaded from:
http://quintolabs.com/qlicap_download.php and http://quintolabs.com/qlicap_virtual.php.

The development team wishes to thank all users of QuintoLabs.
Please direct your thoughts, critics and suggestions to support@quintolabs.com or https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/quintolabs-content-security-for-squid-proxy.

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